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The technology used in Lithium ion Battery

A wide range of Cells chemistry and technology.
An advisory from an expert for a type of cell selection from a wide variety of chemistries and world-class Lithium ion Battery manufacturers.

  • Lithium cobalt oxide
  • Lithium manganese oxide (spinel)
  • Lithium NMC
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate(LFP)
  • Lithium NCA
  • Lithium Titanate
  • Lithium Polymer*
  • Ni-MH
  • Ni-Cd

We provide free assessment of battery selection, which best suited your application and its operating environmental conditions.

To ensure outstanding performance, only the highest quality cells from today’s top manufacturers are utilized in the battery assemblies we build. Recognized brand name manufacturers which include Sanyo, Boston Power, FDK, E-One Moli Energy, Panasonic, Saft, Kokam, K2, Varta, LG, and Samsung.

We have established our expertise to customize battery to perform in most adverse conditions of temperature and humidity.

  • Temperature range- -20°C to 60°C
  • IP65/IP67 rating
  • Vibration sustainability
  • Electromagnetic interference(EMI/EMC) shield
  • Shock resistance
  • Dust proof
Lithium ion Battery