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State of art – Battery Management System – Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery

Lithium ion batteries require continuous Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery  monitoring and protection for their safe operation and for enhancing their total operational life span. This is required to design and optimize the BMS according to the chemistry and operating environmental condition for getting best out of the battery in terms of life cycle.

Over the last decade Euclion has developed numerous batteries using its own battery management system with a very low quiescent current and eye wondering features of technology. We have dedicated team of professional electronics engineers to design unique and commercially of the shelf (COTS) BMS to safeguard the battery in adverse operating and environmental conditions.

We design BMS on four vital pillars of Monitoring, Protecting, Balancing and Communicating (MPBC).

Euclion batteries are designed with intrinsic safe function and redundancy to


  • Cell charge and discharge voltage
  • Temperature
  • Charge and drain current
  • Life cycle
  • Fuel gauging- voltage based, coulomb counter or Impedance tracking


  • Shut down module after safe operating voltage
  • Shut down pack in case of short circuit and over current
  • Control over discharge current in case of over and under temperature


  • Passive balancing
  • Active balancing
  • Intelligent individual cell balancing


  • SMBus
  • I2C
  • CANbus
  • RS232/RS485
  • Packaging- safety and ruggedness personified

We have an ala-carte for selection of packaging according to your requirement. You can either suggest or provide us drawing of your packing required and we will help you to achieve your goals. We make batteries in soft pack and hard enclosures both depending upon the product application. So it might IP Rating or some MIL specification battery enclosure, we are competent to fulfill your requirement.

Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery