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Nimh Battery

NiMH Battery

In addition to the production of application oriented power tools, Euclion offers a variety of accessories for accurate and effective results. These batteries have similar characteristics of the sealed NIMH Battery with a slight difference. The nominal voltage rating of the Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) cell is 1.2 V, with energy usable in the range of 1.0 V-1.45V per cell. A cylindrical cell size provides the capacity range from a few hundred mAh to above 10 Ah. We are well reckoned manufacturer of Ni-MH battery.

Advantages of NiMH Batteries

  • 30-40% higher capacity over a standard Ni-Cd. The Ni-MH has potential for yet higher energy densities.
  • Less prone to memory than the Ni-Cd. Periodic exercise cycles are required less often.
  • Simple storage and transportation -Transportation conditions are not subject to regulatory control.
  • Environment friendly- Contains only mild toxins; profitable for recycling.
  • Continuous high rate discharge capabilities due to low internal resistance.
  • Provides ~500 charge / discharge cycles.
  • Rapid charging in ~1 hour with an appropriate charger.
  • Safer and more cost effective than Li-ion.
Ni-MH Battery