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Nicd Battery Pack

NiCd Battery Pack

The Nicd Battery Pack (Nickel -Cadmium rechargeable batteries ) are the most reliable battery system available in the market today. The Ni-Cd prefers fast charge to slow charge and pulse charge to DC charge. The Ni-Cd is a strong and silent worker and hard labor poses no problem. In addition to the production of application oriented power tools, we are known for offering you an extensive range of accessories for accurate and effective results. The Nicd battery pack
Batteries Manufactured
by us are highly powerful and rechargeable.

Features of Nicd Battery Pack

  • The Ni-Cd battery is simple and fast to charge
  • High rate charge and discharge rates possible
  • Good low temperature performance
  • Long shelf life-in any state of charge
  • Available in a large variety of sizes and capacities
  • Tolerates deep discharges- can be deep cycled
Nicd Battery Pack