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Nicd Battery Pack


Euclion Energy, Nicd Battery Pack manufacturers in India. The Nicd Battery Pack type of rechargeable battery is still one of the popular choices for some Bluetooth headphones today. Despite the fact that it is an old invention, this type of battery remains a practicable source of power for electronic devices.

Several Bluetooth headphones use NiCd  Battery because such batteries are not only rechargeable but also sturdy. The NiCd battery is known to be a good performer even under very hard and severe working conditions. Thus, it is a strong and durable battery type.

However, a NiCd Battery should be taken care of with much caution. It just is not the type of battery that you can leave for a long period in its charger dock or cradle. If you do, the battery will degrade both in performance and in lifespan. Moreover, NiCd batteries need to be drained of all power before you recharge them, otherwise, crystals will accumulate on the batterie’s memory plates. This accumulation of crystals on the batteries’ cell plates is the main reason for battery degradation.

Despite relatively being older than the more-recent NiMH and Li-ion Battery types, the nickel-cadmium battery still holds an edge over the other two. For example, it continues to have a fast charging time despite having been kept for long periods in storage. This simply means it can live a long unused life on the shelf. It retains a higher number of charge and discharge cycles, which essentially translates to a longer lifespan. As a matter of fact, you can charge and discharge an NiCd battery up to about a thousand times.

In addition, the NiCd battery is less sensitive than any other battery type. This makes the NiCd batter very durable. Because of this, it is a commonly used rechargeable battery type for many kinds of electronic equipment, including Bluetooth headsets. It is also very cheap when you consider its per cycle cost.

Many people, however, stay away from NiCd batteries because these batteries, despite their durability and power, are not very friendly to the environment. Also, some people get discouraged by the fact that NiCd batteries have a lower energy density, which actually requires the battery to be used frequently in order to avoid deterioration.