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Lithium Batteries And Why They Are More Convenient To Use!

Posted By euclion On Sat, Nov 17, 2018

Lithium-ion Battery India

Lithium-ion batteries are a much newer invention as opposed to lead-acid batteries which are a mixture of lead and sulfuric acid. Lithium batteries can sustain itself and have proven to provide power to electronic devices like laptops or any other mobile devices. The use of lithium-ion batteries is increasing due to the convenience of its use and since it has limitless advantages.

The Issues Of The Past

The common kind of Lithium-ion Batteries that are used, use the formulation compromising LiCoO2 and are prone to thermal disarray if they are being overcharged by accident. That eventually puts the battery on fire and the fire burns out faster and hotter than usual. This has been one of the reasons for it being rarely used, up until the recent developments.

An Innovation in The Formulation

A new formulation of Lithium-ion was formulated which is known as LPF and it has a slightly less energy density and is intrinsically prone to non-combustion. Thus, considering that, the advantages of Lithium ion Battery in India are in many folds given that Lithium ion Car Battery, Electric Car Battery, E-Rickshaw Battery, and High Voltage Battery are in use.

The Capabilities and Charging Of The Battery

  1. Lithium battery tanks are more likely to have regular and practical usage as opposed to lead acid batteries and it has a higher rated capacity for its tank. A 100-amp hour lithium battery is likely to last 90-amp hours or even 100Ah, unlike its lead counterpart which only uses up to 30 to 50-amp hours.
  2. Lab results have indicated that one can expect to have 200 to 500 cycles out of a well-built Lithium Iron Phosphate battery bank. Some recent developments have led us to see that LPF Batteries are likely to deliver 80 % of its total capacity even after 2000 cycles or even at 5000 cycle.
  3. These batteries can be fast and the charge received till 100 % of its capacity is also quite fast. But it depends on the power of the charger you are using. Provided, that you have enough charging amps, you can charge your 12v Lithium ion Battery at its full capacity within thirty minutes or so.

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