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Choose one answer for each question*

Question 1

I am smart and work hard and I get along with people.I am detail-oriented, organized, and self-sufficient, which is why I would be perfect for this position.I am really fun and sweet and I have a ton of friends.

Question 2

To gain more experienceTo get hired somewhere.To work at a company like yours.

Question 3

To move up and succeed in a company like yours.That will depend on how the experiences I've gained go for me.I'd like to work with your company

Question 4

I was really drawn to this position when I saw it posted.I was looking for an opportunity to grow.I couldn't work for my crazy boss any longer!

Question 5

I would explain my side of the story and listen to his/hers. If I saw an opportunity to improve something, I would explain how I would go about doing.I try to avoid him/her so I don't get into more trouble.I would do my best and let my work speak for itself.

Question 6

I take too much on myself, I've been actively working on using my time more efficiently through delegation.I can be forgetful sometimes, but I've developed a reliable system for keeping on top of things.I work too hard.

Question 7

They should have a vision and a plan for the future and have a knack for getting everyone involved.They should be a good role model--someone to look up to.They shouldn't be like my last boss.

Question 8

The power to multiply so I can do several things at once.The power to fly--it would really help my commute!X-Ray vision

Question 9

I would tell her that everyone needs time off and she should just use her real vacation daysI would tell the co-worker that it negatively affects us when she takes advantage of the system.I would tell my manager

Question 10

I would try to deal with them directly and set some ground rulesI would ask our manager or another neutral party to intercede.Avoid them. It's easier that way.