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Green Batteries- From Transportation to Powering Our Homes

Posted By euclion On Fri, Mar 29, 2019

Thanks to various initiatives, the solar and electric car battery industries are booming in India. There are two main reasons behind such initiatives- a growing realization that environment is of paramount importance and second, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels. Let’s have an overview how these batteries are not just affordable but also good for the environment.

Electric Car Battery

Of late, electric batteries have made quite an impact on the Indian transportation industry. The Indian government is encouraging many automobile manufacturers to go electric given rising fuel costs and environmental concerns. In 2010, a Swiss study found that the impact of Lithium based electric batteries on the environment is minimal.
These batteries can be divided into two sectors- Low Voltage (under 60 V) and High Voltage. The former can be installed in vehicles like golf carts, E-bikes and E-scooters. High voltage batteries are used in aircraft, trains, submarines, buses and power sports vehicles also known as ATVs. Most of the manufacturers use Lithium ion batteries to power their vehicles.
An electric car battery in India is now not just affordable but also easily available.
Nickel based batteries or the NiMH cells are also very popular among automobile manufacturers all around the world. Let’s have a clear understanding of them.

NiMH Batteries

These batteries are also rechargeable like the Lithium ion ones. However, the negative electrode of a NiMH battery is made of a hydrogen absorbing alloy instead of cadmium.
These batteries are largely used in consumer electronics and electric vehicles. In the former sector, the NiMH battery has largely replaced the conventional NiCd cell. Today, this battery can operate at 1.2 V and in several environments.
NiMH cells have also found applications in various electric and hybrid vehicles in developed countries like The United States and Japan. It should be noted that this technology was invented way back in 1967 at the Battele Geneva Research Centre in Switzerland.
Batteries are not just used for transportation, they also supply solar power to our households.

Solar Industry in India

India is one of the fastest growing markets for solar power in the world. As of December 31, 2018, the total installed capacity of solar power in the country was 21 GW.
Solar and wind power can be stored in Lithium ion batteries. Also known as Deep Cycle Batteries, these can weigh between 10 and 200 pounds. A solar panel battery can be easily installed anywhere.


Solar and electric batteries are now easily available across the country. Thanks to manufacturers like Euclion Energy, now commercial and domestic buyers can easily get these products at affordable prices.

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