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Electric Car Battery

The electric car is basically a machine that operates on Electric Car battery. Instead of the conventional gasoline engine, you have components powered by electrical energy. The car moves by the power supplied by this electric energy.

The single most important component in the electric car is the battery. It provides the motive force aside the powering of electrical components like the wiper, headlamps and horn.

We take a look at the battery system of the electric car which looks and works in a much different way from that of conventional vehicles.

In the fast-paced world of today with increasing technological advancements, the extensive use of locomotives and other technological niceties which run on conventional methods have posed a serious problem. The use of fossil fuel based automobiles and power generators etc. have increased over a couple of decades. Rising pollution levels and poor clean air index is a thing of concern and the stringent emission regulations by the government are changing the auto industry. Taking a step forward in the mitigation of pollution problems, we at Euclion Energy, design and develop batteries for commercial and industrial purposes.

Euclion Energy has been working for a long time in developing batteries and provides custom battery solutions built to match our customer’ requirements. We design and manufacture Electric Car Battery, Lithium ion Battery etc. for various applications like medical devices, emergency lighting systems, and military equipment etc. The energy shift taking place currently at the national and international platform is worth noticing. Aligned with Indian Government’s Electric Mobility Plan 2030 and Clean India Strategy clubbed with the Make in India initiative, we at Euclion Energy provide dedicated battery systems and other pollution-free and performance-based solutions.

Our products include batteries for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, and other purposes. Consistently investing in our research and development capabilities we provide lithium ion battery, Nimh Battery, LifePO4 Battery etc. Lithium Ion Batteries are remarkable in terms of power density and high energy making it a top choice for power tools and electric vehicles. LifePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries have a longer lifespan than traditional lead-acid batteries and operate with much lower resistance and faster charging rate. Electric car battery and e-rickshaw battery are yet other solutions which serve as fossil fuel alternatives.

At Euclion Energy we ensure high-quality products for our customers backed by world-class technology and modern manufacturing processes adding value to the sustainable methods of designing and making batteries.